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Building activities in areas of active erosion processes

Strengthening of buildings, facilities and sites in areas with active erosion processes and landslides

The strengthening of buildings, facilities and sites is required for a variety of reasons - poor soil base, movement of the earth layers, influence of the above ground or surface waters, landslides, erosion, and other.

During such ground activities could be violated the integrity of the building’s foundations or part of its structure.

There is also a possibility for slipping of the building or the facility in a certain direction again due to the unstable ground base, the powerful ground waters, the movement of the earth layers, and other processes.

In both cases, the stability of the construction is jeopardized and the buildings become dangerous for habitation and exploitation.

In this situation, the timely reinforcement of the foundations and the ground basis is not only required, but even absolutely obligatory.

During the process of strengthening of the terrain are being used different methods - pilots, walls, reinforcement of the foundations, construction of retaining walls, drainage systems, barbicans and other hydraulic activities, which aim to direct the groundwater at a safe distance, etc.

If your home or the property you are held responsible for is set in an area with active erosion processes and landslides, we are ready to strengthen them in order to rеgain your feeling of security and safety.

If you do not have a project, our team of geologists, hydro geologists and engineers will prepare a project for the strengthening according to the specific needs of the building or property and according to the characteristics of the terrain and the conditions causing the erosion and the land sliding activity.

Our specialists and teams of workers are ready to cater for the stability of your property so that it can stay where it should be, regardless of terrain conditions and the ground base.
Construction and development

Construction of family houses and villas as per an individual project

Design, construction and all the related documentation for detached houses and villas
In almost every person’s life there comes a time when they want to have their own home – designed, constructed and finished in accordance with their ideas of stability, comfort, beauty, coziness and harmony. WHY CHOOSE US Our company Choston Ltd specializes in A to Z execution of houses and villas as per an individual project. Up to now we have built over 50 family houses of different types and level of difficulty. We have a lot of experience in designing, constructing and dealing with the… View more 

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Construction and development

Turnkey construction

Complete construction of industrial, administrative, public, residential and other buildings (houses, residential blocks, hotels, villas, shops, halls, universities, schools, kindergartens, holiday developments and complexes)
We have rich experience in designing and building industrial, administrative, public and residential buildings. In the last few years we built numerous family houses, residential blocks, hotels, hotel complexes, apart-hotels, villas, shops, garages, underground garages, halls, holiday developments and complexes that are ready to move in (turnkey). We can build for you up to the last detail kindergartens, schools, hospitals, factories and universities. The process of constructing a new building goes… View more 

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Construction and development

Rough construction

Construction of the load-bearing structure of the building – its frame
The rough construction means the building of the load-bearing structure of the building – its frame. The process includes foundation (formwork, rebar and pouring of the foundations), the construction of the walls above the ground, slabs, reinforced concrete floors and load bearing walls (anti-earthquake washers), columns, beams, brickwork, stairs, staircase landings, chimneys, shafts, lift shafts, etc. (including formwork, rebar and pouring of concrete for each of the enumerated elements) and roofing.… View more 

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Construction and development

Building-installation works

Quality execution of all types of building-installation works
Building-installation works are works and activities done in the process of constructing a building. Generally speaking, they can be divided into the following types of groups: earth works; formwork; rebar; concrete works; masonry; roofing; tinsmith works; carpentry; facing/tiling/paneling; plastering; floorings; glass works; painting; steel constructions; heat insulation; hydro insulation; noise insulation; frame and joinery fitting; fitting of exterior and interior doors;… View more 

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Construction and development

Strengthening of buildings

In case your building for any reason needs strengthening of the structure, we can help you with advice, project and completion. Often the old buildings need additional measures for strengthening of the supporting structure. The first indication for breach of the strength of the supporting elements is the appearance of cracks. Some of the cracks are harmless - for example, they are only in the ground coat or plaster layers, but others indicate about serious problems connected with the stability of the… View more 

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