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Construction of family houses and villas as per an individual project

Design, construction and all the related documentation for detached houses and villas

In almost every person’s life there comes a time when they want to have their own home – designed, constructed and finished in accordance with their ideas of stability, comfort, beauty, coziness and harmony.

Our company Choston Ltd specializes in A to Z execution of houses and villas as per an individual project. Up to now we have built over 50 family houses of different types and level of difficulty. We have a lot of experience in designing, constructing and dealing with the documentation related to the construction of this type of buildings. We are familiar with the specifics of the different processes which gives us the confidence to consult our clients during all the stages of the execution – from choosing the right architect who specializes in this type of construction, through studying of the plot of land, improving the draft projects and approving the suitable construction materials to the complete construction of the building and the finishing works.

The design and the construction of a bespoke house with a garden is a specific task for which the client/investor needs experienced professionals. There should be no compromises! When your home is a bespoke house or villa this always stirs specific feelings in the owner because of the uniqueness of the property, the special feeling of living in a house with a garden, the many comforts such a home gives to the family, etc.

The bottom line is that almost everyone’s dream is to live in and own a house with a garden which is reason enough for us to plan things with great care and make sure everything is perfect down to the last detail.


The process of constructing a new home must be preceded by thinking over the idea of what it should consist. In order for the rooms in the interior to be laid out in the best possible way you must have a basic concept of what rooms you need and what their layout should be, so that the end product would be a comfortable and cozy home. We will help you decide, because we know that creating a house or a villa as per an individual project is a very inspiring but also a very responsible task – both for you and for us.

Do you need an office in your home, one or more children’s rooms, a gym, a pool, a sauna or a steam room to relax after a long day? Will the kitchen be part of the living room or will it be a separate room?

If you have small children you want to keep an eye on it might be better if the kitchen area is linked to the living room at least visually.

If you are a keen chef and you wish to be alone to create dish after dish and not be bothered by anyone then it would be good if the kitchen were completely separate from the other rooms. This way the cooking smells will not spread to the other rooms in the house.
Are you dreaming of a large walk-in wardrobe where you can comfortably arrange and keep all your clothes and shoes? We will take care of that as well. We will offer you a functional layout of the walk-in wardrobe so that it will have plenty of space for all your clothes, shoes, bags and mountain and ski gear.

Do you like daylight and the caressing sunrays? Then we will offer you a large terrace where we will put garden furniture and we will decorate the space with plants and greenery. This will be your oasis in spring, summer and on warm autumn days. We can replace the terrace with a garden where you will feel just as comfortable as inside your home. We will create functional zones there so that there is space for relaxing, for playing, for barbeques and gatherings and why not for a pool or an open-air gym.

If your days are busy, if you prefer or have to travel and you are not home for more than a few days then perhaps a smaller balcony would be the best for you as they do not need a lot of maintenance and are easy to clean.

In any case, whichever option you decide to go with you should know that even if the balcony or terrace are sheltered there would still be quite a lot of snow there in winter, which you will have to clean regularly.

This is just a small part of the things which we take into consideration and run by you when drawing up the project for your new house or villa. Our aim is your new property to be cozy and to perfectly fit your needs.

Before we design and build your home we will talk to you, we will offer you ideas and solutions which will captivate you. We will imagine your everyday life to the smallest detail, your idea of working, relaxing and having fun. Only then will we get to the functional organization of the layout of the property.

The choice of the location of your new home is also of great importance. If you do not have a suitable plot or if you would like to look into other possibilities for development plots, you can visit the websites of our partners BULGARIAN PROPERTIES and LUXIMOTI. There you will find a great selection of quality land and plots suitable for development in all parts of the country.
It is important the plot of land you choose to have water and electricity and, if possible, to be regulated. If the plot is not regulated the procedure for changing its function will cost you more time and money. That is why only in case the plot you have chosen is truly unique – in terms of exposure, location and price – will the additional investment and time to regulate it really be worth it.

The architecture of the house is designed in accordance with the exposure and location of the plot. For example, a mountain house or a chalet is designed in mountain regions. The slope of the roof of these houses is at a bigger angle as the idea is for the snow to slide off faster and not to weigh on the construction.

Beach-type houses have bigger and brighter verandas and terraces, bigger windows, and their facades are painted in brighter colours reflecting the sun’s rays in the hot summer months thus making the temperature in the rooms lower.

Depending on the inclination of the land it could be terraced and supporting walls could be built or the house could be designed in such a way so that its base follows the terrain and the space is used in a suitable way.

The materials we plan to use when drawing up the individual project for a family house or villa are of the highest quality, they are ecological and environment-friendly. We value clean nature and a healthy living environment and that is why our projects are as green as possible and energy efficient.

The architects in our team follow the newest trends in green and energy efficient construction. The houses we build are as passive as possible, well insulated, with good ventilation, bright and airy. The interior spaces “breathe”, they have their own rhythm of heating and cooling depending on the season and the windows we design let the daylight in in such a way so that the interior of the house is well lit during all hours of the day.

The period for executing a turnkey project of a custom-made house or a villa can vary between 9 and 12 months depending of the project’s complexity and the meteorological conditions during the year. We make no compromises with the quality of execution and that is why the periods we offer you are well thought through.

We have very rich experience in building custom-made family houses and villas. We know everything there is to know about designing, constructing and maintaining a house or a holiday villa.

The architects and managers of Choston Ltd will be at your disposal during the whole process – from the drawing up to the conceptual and technical project to the execution of the project, the finishing works and the furnishing. Both the quality of the different elements and of the overall service we provide are important to us. We will be with you every step of the process of creating your new house or villa as per an individual project. Our name guarantees the high quality of our product.

The years when there is a crisis are considered the most convenient time to build a house or a villa as per an individual project at a bargain price. Now is the time to invest sensibly in real estate created specially for you and your needs – with care for nature and the environment, with a sense for beauty, function, high quality, eternalness…

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