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Construction of ramps

Ramps for people with disabilities, placement of tactile tiles, installation of tactile surfaces and stripes

When the inclination of the terrain is higher or when it is necessary for a certain displacement to be overcome without using stairs, then ramps should be constructed.

The ramps are inclined planes, on which can move people, animals, vehicles and cargo. During the construction of ramps, a very important condition is the selection of appropriate inclination, so that the movement to be easy and with no problem in dry weather, as well as in rain or snow.

The requirements for maximum inclination of the ramps are different depending on whether the ramps will be used by pedestrians, vehicles that are transporting goods or for movement of wheel-chairs and people with disabilities.

The maximum inclination of the ramps are defined also by the environment in which the ramp lies. Some ramps are built for fun - in areas used by people with skateboards, skates, bicycles, acrobatics bikes and others.

When the ramp is completed, its surface must be done in such a way so as to prevent unwanted sliding (except when the ramps are for fun, where the sliding is the main and desired effect looked for).

For this purpose, special putty is prepared with convex or concave shapes. This method of ribbing is used quite often at the ramps of the underground parking lots or garages. In some cases, the tactile elements are directly installed on the ramp. They can be of metal or rubber elements.

The tactile elements have different reliefs and provide protection from slipping on the one hand, and on the other are used for orientation of people with poor eyesight.

They are used in both indoor and outdoor areas. The tactile strips are mostly installed before staircases (on the upper part of the staircase and on the lower part of the staircase), as well as before any change in the inclination of the terrain, which coincides with the pedestrian access.

The tactile strips serve to people with poor eyesight as guidance that there is a staircase that follows, a change in the inclination or a change in the direction of movement.

The tactile concrete slabs are installed in smaller areas – with size of approximately few square meters. They are paving slabs with sizes mostly 40/40 cm, with linear or nodular ribbing, and are usually installed at bevel sidewalks, which is made for easier passage of wheel-chairs for people with disabilities and strollers with small children.

The tactile marking is very important in any environmental habitat and recreation area and is used for orientation of blind people and visually impaired people. It is applied to ensure safe crossing of roads, an indication of the direction of movement and change in the direction of movement, and in cases there is some kind of obstacle.
Construction and development

Construction of family houses and villas as per an individual project

Design, construction and all the related documentation for detached houses and villas
In almost every person’s life there comes a time when they want to have their own home – designed, constructed and finished in accordance with their ideas of stability, comfort, beauty, coziness and harmony. WHY CHOOSE US Our company Choston Ltd specializes in A to Z execution of houses and villas as per an individual project. Up to now we have built over 50 family houses of different types and level of difficulty. We have a lot of experience in designing, constructing and dealing with the… View more 

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Construction and development

Turnkey construction

Complete construction of industrial, administrative, public, residential and other buildings (houses, residential blocks, hotels, villas, shops, halls, universities, schools, kindergartens, holiday developments and complexes)
We have rich experience in designing and building industrial, administrative, public and residential buildings. In the last few years we built numerous family houses, residential blocks, hotels, hotel complexes, apart-hotels, villas, shops, garages, underground garages, halls, holiday developments and complexes that are ready to move in (turnkey). We can build for you up to the last detail kindergartens, schools, hospitals, factories and universities. The process of constructing a new building goes… View more 

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Construction and development

Rough construction

Construction of the load-bearing structure of the building – its frame
The rough construction means the building of the load-bearing structure of the building – its frame. The process includes foundation (formwork, rebar and pouring of the foundations), the construction of the walls above the ground, slabs, reinforced concrete floors and load bearing walls (anti-earthquake washers), columns, beams, brickwork, stairs, staircase landings, chimneys, shafts, lift shafts, etc. (including formwork, rebar and pouring of concrete for each of the enumerated elements) and roofing.… View more 

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Construction and development

Building-installation works

Quality execution of all types of building-installation works
Building-installation works are works and activities done in the process of constructing a building. Generally speaking, they can be divided into the following types of groups: earth works; formwork; rebar; concrete works; masonry; roofing; tinsmith works; carpentry; facing/tiling/paneling; plastering; floorings; glass works; painting; steel constructions; heat insulation; hydro insulation; noise insulation; frame and joinery fitting; fitting of exterior and interior doors;… View more 

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Construction and development

Strengthening of buildings

In case your building for any reason needs strengthening of the structure, we can help you with advice, project and completion. Often the old buildings need additional measures for strengthening of the supporting structure. The first indication for breach of the strength of the supporting elements is the appearance of cracks. Some of the cracks are harmless - for example, they are only in the ground coat or plaster layers, but others indicate about serious problems connected with the stability of the… View more 

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