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Construction of roads

In recent years much has been said about the quality and the durability of the road pavements.

A road pavement, implemented with quality materials and laid according to the rules should last for many years without the need for repairs.

The standard pavements that are widely applied in the process of road construction are those made of bituminous concrete.

They have two main components – aggregates (about 95% of the total weight of the ready mixture) and a binder - bitumen - approximately 5-6% of the total mass.

The quality of the pavement, namely its durability, strength and solidity depend on the choice of quality components and their mechanical properties, size and shape prior to their connection in the bituminous concrete mixture.

Besides that, in addition to the ready mixture are further added other components as well like additives and modifiers, which aim to improve the durability of the physical properties of the binder – bitumen, which is aging and oxidizing, which reduces and disrupts its bonding strength.

In addition to its strength, the pavements are classified according to their shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing ability, as well as by the extent they leak water in the depth.

In general, the water that falls in the bituminous concrete itself is very destructive, especially at low temperatures, as once trapped inside the layers it expands upon freezing and thus destroys their integrity.

There is, however, porous bituminous concrete, the main characteristic of which is the effect of draining of the water from the top layer of the surface, aiming to avoid water retention and slipping of vehicles and pedestrians.

This type of bituminous concrete is laid following a special technology to successfully drain the water and at the same time to absorb the noise coming from the engines and to preserve its mechanical properties and load capacity.

According to the technology of placing of the bituminous concrete, there are hot bituminous concrete mixes and cold bituminous concrete mixes.

The cold bituminous concrete mixtures are more environmentally friendly and safe for the workers who laid them.

The bituminous concrete pavements can also be decorative – they can come in a variety of colors. This effect is achieved with colored aggregates, colorful elements that were embedded in the upper layer or are applied on the top decorative covering on the finished surface.

The recycled asphalt pavements are also widely used these days. During their implementation a special technology is being used to guarantee the strength and the durability of the new bituminous concrete.

In order a high sound-absorbing effect to be achieved, grinded rubber from old tires is being added to the bituminous concrete.

Besides being quieter, such pavement also has a higher frost resistance as the rubber components in the mixture absorb the thermal expansion and prevent the asphalt from cracking during the day/night and the seasonal change of temperatures.

Besides the bituminous concrete pavements, widely used in practice are also the concrete pavements, as well as the reinforced concrete covering, the stamped concrete covering, the different types of pavements, the macadam road coverings, and others.
Construction and development

Construction of family houses and villas as per an individual project

Design, construction and all the related documentation for detached houses and villas
In almost every person’s life there comes a time when they want to have their own home – designed, constructed and finished in accordance with their ideas of stability, comfort, beauty, coziness and harmony. WHY CHOOSE US Our company Choston Ltd specializes in A to Z execution of houses and villas as per an individual project. Up to now we have built over 50 family houses of different types and level of difficulty. We have a lot of experience in designing, constructing and dealing with the… View more 

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Construction and development

Turnkey construction

Complete construction of industrial, administrative, public, residential and other buildings (houses, residential blocks, hotels, villas, shops, halls, universities, schools, kindergartens, holiday developments and complexes)
We have rich experience in designing and building industrial, administrative, public and residential buildings. In the last few years we built numerous family houses, residential blocks, hotels, hotel complexes, apart-hotels, villas, shops, garages, underground garages, halls, holiday developments and complexes that are ready to move in (turnkey). We can build for you up to the last detail kindergartens, schools, hospitals, factories and universities. The process of constructing a new building goes… View more 

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Construction and development

Rough construction

Construction of the load-bearing structure of the building – its frame
The rough construction means the building of the load-bearing structure of the building – its frame. The process includes foundation (formwork, rebar and pouring of the foundations), the construction of the walls above the ground, slabs, reinforced concrete floors and load bearing walls (anti-earthquake washers), columns, beams, brickwork, stairs, staircase landings, chimneys, shafts, lift shafts, etc. (including formwork, rebar and pouring of concrete for each of the enumerated elements) and roofing.… View more 

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Construction and development

Building-installation works

Quality execution of all types of building-installation works
Building-installation works are works and activities done in the process of constructing a building. Generally speaking, they can be divided into the following types of groups: earth works; formwork; rebar; concrete works; masonry; roofing; tinsmith works; carpentry; facing/tiling/paneling; plastering; floorings; glass works; painting; steel constructions; heat insulation; hydro insulation; noise insulation; frame and joinery fitting; fitting of exterior and interior doors;… View more 

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Construction and development

Strengthening of buildings

In case your building for any reason needs strengthening of the structure, we can help you with advice, project and completion. Often the old buildings need additional measures for strengthening of the supporting structure. The first indication for breach of the strength of the supporting elements is the appearance of cracks. Some of the cracks are harmless - for example, they are only in the ground coat or plaster layers, but others indicate about serious problems connected with the stability of the… View more 

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