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Alternative heating sources – solar collectors

Heating of buildings with alternative energy sources – solar collectors

On the market there are many options for heating and ventilation of the buildings. With the usage of these alternative heating sources, the running costs are substantially reduced and the environment remains clean and healthy.

The solar panels are among the most popular ways to provide heat and hot water in the buildings. They convert the solar energy into thermal energy which is used in daily life.

The initial investment at the purchase of the solar collectors is relatively big, but it pays in the long run by reducing the running costs for heating and hot water.

The solar collectors system is best suited for areas where the sunny days prevail and their efficiency is calculated by using formulas based on the days with sunshine set in the weather bulletins for the area.

The collectors are most often positioned on the roof construction of the building - on the south facing slopes. In this way space is being saved and the panels are protected from vandalism to a certain extent.

The location on the roof is the most appropriate one, as the roof area is being properly used and the panels do not occupy the open areas of land.

The solar panels can follow to a certain extent the movement of the sun during the day, in order to utilize its radiation to the maximum amount.

Some of the sites that we have built over the years have solar panels, the energy of which is used to heat the water in the indoor and outdoor pools, as well as to provide heating of the apartments in the respective complexes.
Green buildings

Passive houses and buildings

Construction of passive houses and buildings
Passive houses and passive buildings are those buildings whose interior spaces can be heated and cooled without any active heating or cooling system. The building can heat and cool itself and that is why it is called passive. The construction of a passive building is to some extent more expensive than the construction of a standard building but in the long term such a building is worth the initial investment because it saves energy from the property’s heating and cooling. It is believed that… View more 

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Green buildings

Prefabricated houses

Design, production and installation of prefabricated energy efficient and ecological villas, chalets and houses
Prefabricated houses are especially popular in Western Europe and North America. Their advantage is that they offer a ready solution as the design stage is already done and the client can choose between ready options of prefabricated houses. The installation of this type of house is considerably easier and faster, as there is no need of technological breaks between the constructions of the different elements. Prefabricated houses offer a solution in which all insulation is placed in advance in… View more 

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Green buildings

Wooden houses

Design and construction of energy efficient and ecological wooden houses
Wooden houses are constructed from wooden logs of a right diameter that are processed in advance. They are assembled as per a special technology so that the wood would make use of its best qualities – extremely good heat and noise insulation, durability and good esthetic appearance. Wooden houses are ecologically clean and they provide a healthy atmosphere to their inhabitants. The environment is not polluted during the construction of this type of house. If you wish to own a wooden house that is… View more 

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Green buildings

Economical type of an ecological house

Construction of various energy efficient homes and buildings at affordable prices
Our research and our previous experience show that successful composite structures made of reinforced concrete and prefabricated elements do exist. In this type of construction, the foundations and the first level of the house are built of reinforced concrete. The second level and the next level of the house are usually made of prefabricated construction, including prefabricated roof construction. In order for this type of composite structure to be applied, a complete construction project needs… View more 

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Green buildings

Alternative sources for heating - geothermal pumps

Heating of the buildings with alternative sources of energy - geothermal pumps
The heating through alternative sources of energy is becoming more and more popular during the recent years. On the market there are many options for building heating and ventilation systems, with the implementation of which the running costs are substantially reduced and the environment remains clean and healthy. The geothermal pumps are an alternative for heating of buildings during the winter and cooling them during the summer. The geothermal pumps are most suitable for buildings with… View more 

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