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Feng Shui organization of the premises

A harmonious organization of the premises according to the Feng Shui practice

Feng Shui is an ancient science, according to which each premise has its own energies, strong and weak positions.

The purpose of the Feng Shui practice is to enhance the beneficial effects and to eliminate or neutralize the negative effects through various organizational and design techniques.

The organization of the interior premises is very important for the comfort of its occupants, their creativity, concentration and efficiency at work and peacefulness during times of relaxation.

The doctrine of the Feng Shui practice for the interior and exterior premises has survived long centuries and its impact on people's lives is undeniable.

Psychologically, the shifts in the internal and external premises, as well as the changes in the layout itself affect the mood and the energy of the people who inhabit these premises.

When shifts are appropriately made, the upturn in energy of the people is palpable. In the other case - when the shifts and the organization of the spaces are not well made, their negative impact most often is not felt immediately, however it is felt in the long run.

Therefore, when people face repeated failures or difficulties in their personal or professional lives, they rarely have a hint that the reason for the improper flow of energy and the related blockages and difficulties in different areas of their lives are due to the poor organization at their home or at their workplace.

Most people would say that they have "bad luck", but they would most probably not think that the environment in which they spend their lives is poorly organized.

The teachings of Feng Shui follow various teachings and trends. Nevertheless, there are some basic and logic rules that are not difficult to be understood and respected. Even so, they are often overlooked, even at the best interior design and exterior solutions.

For example, during the furnishing of the premises it is important to take into account the position of the mirrors, the edges, the direction of the head when sleeping, the different decorations and the symbolism that they carry, the zones for rest and recreation, the organization of the kitchen and many other aspects.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, the bedroom where one sleeps should not have mirrors as they disrupt the sleep in the long run.

Many designers place mirrors in the bedrooms, with the idea to use its optical effect and in this way to “increase” the space.

Often the wardrobes in the bedrooms come with mirrors on the front doors. Yes, this is a good method for expansion of the space, but it should not be used in the bedroom.

The bedroom is the place to sleep and people should wake up fresh and rested. If the owners want mirrors in their bedrooms, they should be placed at the inner side of the wardrobe doors or if not possible, the mirrors should be covered by a curtain during the sleep.

Another example: the position of the mirror in relation to the front door of the home. The mirror should never be placed opposite the front door.

The reason for that is that the energy that we should invite to come to our home once we open the front door will be reflected in the mirror and will go out of the door without even entering into the home.

If this explanation does not seem plausible enough, then there is yet another explanation - when you enter your home, you will see yourself in the mirror and subconsciously you will be stressed as if you are standing in front of another man. It is not pleasant to rush into that silhouette every time you come home, right?

If you want to have a mirror in the hallway, around the front door in order to look at yourself again before you go out, that's great!

Its proper place is on the left, to the right of the door or even on top of it - so that it reflects the interior of your home.

The usage of mirrors in the interior can greatly contribute to the comfort, beauty and space formation of the premises, in case it is applied with knowledge, understanding and expertise not only in terms of the beautiful and modern design, but also in terms of the Feng Shui practices.

Even basic knowledge in the teachings of Feng Shui can be very useful when we want a certain living space to be beneficial to its residents.
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