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Investment partnership in our property developments

Dear Partners,

Bulgarian property developer Choston Developments has the pleasure to invite private or corporate investors to participate with their own capital in the construction and development of our current and future projects. We are offering great opportunities to international investors to co-finance our new projects and thus generate significant profit in a short period of time. The proposed business scheme is completely transparent and tailored in a way to suit foreign investors, looking for low-risk ventures and minimum taxation.

The main features of our business proposal for co-financing our development projects in Bulgaria are:

• Minimum amount of own capital to invest: 500 000 € (EUR).
• Maximum amount of own capital to invest: Unlimited.
• Payment plan: One-off payment or instalments, according to the completed stages of the constriction of the building financed.
• Time period of investment: minimum 24 months.
• Guaranteed return of investment: from 8-10% per annum, depending on the project
• Security of investment: property units in the financed building or first mortgage on the title of the land/properties in the building.
• Taxation: 10% tax on the generated net profit.
• Business risk: very low, secured with land and physical properties in the development.

Investing with Choston Developments property development company, our Investors will benefit from:
• Loyal partner with proven track record, over 16 years' history and excellent positions on the market.
• Professional team of specialists working under highest business standards.
• Attractive projects in first-class locations, with high added value and profitability.
• Precise planning of the overall property construction and development process.
• Flawless marketing strategy for sales of developed units to local and international Buyers.

If you are interested to participate with your own financial capital in our projects, please contact our office to arrange for a meeting our top manager where you can learn all details of our business proposal and get answers to your questions from first hand:
Telephone: +359 2 858 3333
or fill in the on-line enquiry form
I wish you successful investments in Bulgaria!