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Since its creation, Choston Developments has been mainly involved in property development and construction, but also offers a complete range of services to external clients related to high-quality construction and finishing work throughout the country.

The company is essentially a family business, managed by its actual owner Nicola Stoyanov in his capacity as managing director. The company's activities are managed and carried out by company employees with many years of experience. On some sites and for certain commissions, we use a narrow circle of subcontractors who have proven their qualities during many years of working with us as partners.

In addition to the construction of residential buildings, we also provide complete construction project management for other companies in our partner group. Through our Sales Department we also offer marketing services for the sale of the residential properties in the projects which we manage. We rely mainly on cooperation with real estate agencies with a good reputation and the requisite experience in selling city residences or holiday homes. For more than 15 years we have worked in successful partnership with a number of Bulgarian and foreign real estate agencies. We have consolidated our reputation as an extremely reliable company providing rapid communication, timely payment of commissions and guaranteeing the protection of its brokers' interests with regard to clients.

At our construction and development projects we work in two main ways – on our own or in consortium with other partners and investors.

In the first five years of its existence during the period 2004-2009, Choston Developments gained experience in construction of various residential projects. For a short period of time we completed a significant number of residential and holiday complexes of mainly medium class, satisfying the general demand of the existing customers during those years. During this period, the main architectural bureau we worked with was Art New Vision. Some of the major projects we completed in several stages include: Sunset Kosharitsa 1, 2 and 3; Emberli in Lozenets resort; Redenka Holiday Club near Razlog, and the following complexes in Bansko ski resort - Grand Montana, Belmont, Mountview Lodge, Eagle's Nest and others. In the years of property boom on the market we managed to achieve almost 100 % of our sales "off-plan", during the process of construction.

Since the beginning of 2009 we focused all our efforts towards the construction of premium developments of highest class – buildings with unique vision, atmosphere and attention to the smallest details and elements. The several exclusive projects that we completed during the years after the financial crisis of 2008 show clearly the new direction that we will continue to follow in the future - Sunset Villas, Dobar Yunak Residence in Sofia; Sunset Deluxe Marittima. Our current projects Belle Époque Ambelits Beach, Sunset Deluxe Romana and the ones planned for the near future - Golden Mile and Milada Spa, comply fully with the direction we follow for construction in the high segment. In the second stage of our company's history we are working with one of the most successful architects in Bulgaria Genig Studio.

Since year 2004 until the present moment we have development sucessfully more than 20 residential buildings and gated holiday complexes, more than 50 detached villas and houses. Our developments are located mainly on the Black Sea coast and the ski resorts of Bulgaria.

The total area of our completed projects exceeds 150 000 square meters, while the number of individual property units (apartments and villas) sold at complexes is over 1500! Really impressive figures for only 10 years of company existence.

Our success in the construction and development of residential holiday complexes is mostly due to the excellent team of professionals we have and of course - the support of the other companies in our corporate group. Through our sister companies we managed to provide valuable aftersale services to our costumers — architectural and interior design, property marketing and sales, furnishing, property management and maintenance.

To the current date we have fully completed and have put into operation with Certificate for Habitation a great number of residential buildings and complexes. The list with the names of our more significant completed projects is available for you to see on this page.

The second direction in which we develop our company is providing a full range of services, including high quality finishing works, repairs and renovations required by clients. The main types of activities in which we have specialized include:
• Construction (all stages of the process)
• Completion works
• Interiors
• Restoration and modernization
• Repairs and renovations
• Sanitation
• Design
• Legalization
• Project management
• Green buildings
• Landscaping
• Children playgrounds and Sports playgrounds
More information on our activities is available to be seen on this page.

Choston Ltd. is registered under company case No. 772 in the inventory for 2004 in Yambol District Court, re-registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 128584551
Headquarters according to company registration: Elhovo, Yambol, "Kaloyan" Str. №11
Management address: Sofia, Yakubica 19, fl. 5
Manager: Nicola Nicolov Stoyanov
Owner: Nicola Nicolov Stoyanov (100%)

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