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Children’s and sports playgrounds

Design and construction of children’s and sports playgrounds and facilities

Children’s and sports playgrounds are of great importance especially in an urban environment, where the bigger part of the population is concentrated.

Children’s and sports playgrounds are a necessary condition for improving the health of the children, the young people and the population as a whole.

Playgrounds of this type stimulate movement, communication and collective activities thus directly influencing the improvement of people’s health, their mental state and quality of life.

Outdoor activities also stimulate one’s immunity; they improve the blood circulation and breathing, they develop coordination and improve one’s self-confidence.

That is why it is believed that the investment society makes in children’s and sports playgrounds returns manifold under the form of better quality of live and better health of the population. This means that indirectly, in the long run, a lot of funding is saved in the health sector.

Children’s and sports playgrounds are constructed in accordance with a number of rules, the most important of which are safety rules. An important condition is the playgrounds to be easy to clean and, if possible, to have limited access for animals that could pollute and damage the sports and playing equipment.

If you have to build a children’s and sports playground trust us with it – we will draw up a project and undertake the execution.
Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds

Children’s playgrounds

When constructing children’s playgrounds certain norms and requirements must be met, which guarantee the children’s safety while on the playground. These rules and norms were introduced in Bulgaria not so long ago and that is why a large part of the playgrounds that are already constructed have not been made safe in accordance with the safety requirements. The playgrounds we build are entertaining and they are in accordance with all safety requirements. Children’s playgrounds can be divided… View more 

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Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds

Sports playgrounds

Construction of sports playgrounds and sports grounds
Sports playgrounds are very important for maintaining the population’s good health and physical education. In the areas where there are plenty of sports playgrounds the population is healthier. Sports playgrounds can vary greatly – they can be for volleyball, for basketball, tennis courts, table tennis grounds, football pitches, mini football pitches and many more. Recently, the grounds for outdoor fitness are becoming more and more popular. They have equipment suitable for training and… View more 

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