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Project management and feasibility studies

We can offer you a lot in the field of feasibility studies and project management because we have gained a lot of experience through our projects.

In order for a project to be successful the necessary market research has to be done – what are the supply and demand, the needs and expectations of the consumers, the modern trends in the respective sphere, as well as research and analysis of a number of other factors.

This is especially important in the field of construction, as investments there are relatively big and long-term and the final product has to be long-lasting, of high quality, esthetical, functional – in general and in terms of the layout of the interior spaces, and last, but not least it has to be built with care for nature and the environment.

These are part of the main aspects that to a large extent guarantee the relevance of the project and its successful realization.

Browse through the list of the services we offer in the field of feasibility studies and project management:

- consultations for the possibility of investing in real estate
- research of building options
- drawing up of construction projects including all connected engineering disciplines
- management of projects
- technical and designer supervision
- expert appraisal and supervision of the design and construction work
- supervision of the building and finishing works
- supervision of the interior design and furnishing
- other