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Construction update of Belle Epoque Ambelits Beach complex

Construction update: Belle Époque Ambelits Beach


The construction works are going according to the established schedule:
1. The front armored doors from company SOLID 55 have been installed on all apartments.
2. The wrought iron railings on all balconies have been delivered and are currently being installed.
3. The facade lighting has been delivered, featuring 96 targeted lighting with LED bulbs. Their installation is to be organized.
4. The electric and the plumbing installations of the pool has been done, all technical works have been implemented. The pavements implementation is to start at the end of the week.
5. The vertical landscaping is almost completed – including the building of ground yards, the rough construction of the alleys around the building and the preparation for the placement of the flooring's, as well as the last layer of soil for the landscaping.
6. The finishing works have started at the lobby bar and the reception area – they are designed to be the last detail of the building’s interior, which is to be completed.

The construction works that are to be implemented next:
1. The final completion of certain decorative details on the facade and the roof.
2. The installation of the doors and the marble edges.
3. The application of Oikos plastering in the common areas and bathrooms (this will be one of the last stages before the final completion of the building).
4. The application of the last coat of paint in the apartments.
5. The completion of the vertical landscaping and the fence, as well as the laying of the pavements.
6. Landscaping.

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