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Parquet and wooden flooring

Setting of floorings from natural wooden material

The natural oak or beech flooring is used for many years already. This type of flooring has proven its qualities, its strength and durability. Of course, like any natural material, the wooden flooring needs maintenance at certain periods of time. The maintenance includes sanding, varnishing, constriction, application of paste, polishing, and in extreme cases - rearrangement.

The parquet flooring can be arranged in several ways, which are well known to the skilled artisans. When setting this type of flooring, the quality of the flooring is of great relevance as well - whether there are knags or fibers that are darker or lighter than the standard fibers, what is the type of the wood (beech or oak) and the size of the blocks themselves.

During the setting of the parquet flooring should be traced the pattern and the threads of the tree – so that the arranged parquet shall form a beautiful pattern, and in no case shall be placed randomly. The parquet flooring can be laid on different pads depending on the requirements and the needs of the client, as well as depending on the characteristics of the floor slabs.

There are different pads for the parquet floors and there is room for improvisations as well. The natural parquet flooring offers excellent thermal and sound insulation, but these qualities should always be enhanced with the appropriate padding.

The parquet flooring is a "living material" and it "breathes". With the increase in the atmospheric moisture or the humidity in the room, the parquet increases its bulk. When the weather is persistently dry or the room is intensely heated, the parquet reduces its bulk.

In order to avoid folding on the parquet flooring during these movements small gaps should be left along the walls, which will absorb the extensions. In cases of blowing or shriveling, the parquet will began to creak and this is one of its greatest weaknesses.

The greatest enemy of the parquet flooring remains the water. That is why, it is important for that type of flooring to be sealed with suitable paints and primers, so that the parquet flooring is not damaged in situation of short-term irrigation with water (spilled glass of water, for example), washing with a damp cloth or entering the room with wet shoes.

The parquets of the highest quality are the ones that have aged most – those made of wood that has well dried up over the years and has matured. Therefore, in case there is old parquet flooring it is always better to keep it and rearrange it rather than throw it away.

Those parquet floors that are scratched and those, whose paint has lost its integrity, could be brought to life often by simply applying the processes of sanding, polishing and lacquering. The parquet floors, which have begun to squeak, could be improved by clamping with metal rods, applying of paste in case joints have occurred and in extreme cases – by rearrangement.

Rearrangement of the parquet flooring is recommended and even necessary during major repairs or renovations of buildings and premises, when the base of the parquet is not of good quality. In the past as pads were used cinder and various pastes of mud, which even after the repair of the premises will continue to exude dust and unpleasant smell of something old.

Therefore it is better to replace the pad, to rearrange the parquet flooring and to sand it, which will reveal its beauty and quality, and the room will become stylish and comfortable.

We know a lot about the parquet floorings. If you want us to take care of your old parquet flooring or to arrange your new parquet floors, just call us and we will respond to your desires and needs.
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